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25th January 2018 - - 0 comments
Blog - Meet Lee Rowlands, our Laboratory & N.D.T. General Manager

Hi everyone and welcome to the blog's latest Staff Profile. This week, read all about Lee 'Muscles' Rowlands, Code A Weld's Laboratory and N.D.T General Manager...

Name: Lee Brian Rowlands

Code A Weld Age: 13 Years

Job Role: General Manager - Laboratory & NDT

Work Nickname: Some cheeky people call me Bri and when I first started at CAW as an apprentice, I was nicknamed muscles, for obvious reasons. (Cue laughter!)

What skills do you need for this role? 
Patience, respect, dedication and commitment are a few fundamentals; however, the past 13 years have also included years of practical training, Weld Inspection Courses, exams and a lot of hours.  

What's the most rewarding part of your job? 
I would say it is complying with UKAS every year when audited to the BS EN ISO 17025 Standard; without this, we would not have the required Accreditation. The people aren't bad here either, but I should get a reward for dealing with a few of them. (Works both ways, Lee!)

And the most challenging?
The people, only joking. Hand in hand with the most rewarding part of my job, keeping everything in line throughout the year to make sure we comply with 17025 and retain our UKAS Accreditation, I cannot take all the credit, all the Laboratory/N.D.T. Staff work wonders and stick to the book. Nicky Jones, our Quality Manager, also makes our lives a lot easier by keeping us all on our toes!

Any funny work stories you can recall?
When I joined Code A Weld 13 years ago, we had a welding department back then and I was sent to Sweden and Norway as a welders mate for 3 weeks. I was given, I believe, an allowance of 300 Euros for subsistence but instead of using the money sensibly, I blew it all overnight in the arcade during the ferry crossing between Denmark and Gothenburg! To be fair, I was only 16 and had never been given that much money before all at once. That's my justification, anyway!

Before working at Code A Weld, what was the most unusual or interesting job you have ever had?
My 1st job was here at Code a Weld. I did also work with my Dad during the school holidays since I was about 11. It was plumbing mostly, although I was basically the tea boy and sent on trips to the bakery!

Any annoying habits in or out of work?
I mean, I wouldn't admit to having bad habits, but I tend to give the referee a bit of lip during football games and I'm told I snore when I'm drunk, but I don't believe it.

How do you relax when you're not at work?
I don't really. Sit down most nights at 10pm then chill.

Tell us something not many people know about you:
I am a film buff and literally watch a film every night. Of course, that's if there isn't any football or golf on!

What is on your bucket list?
Um, I need to go to Australia to visit family but other than that I am happy with everything else and have no need to write a list of what I want to do before my time's up. (That's me told!)

Quick Fire Round

Tea or Coffee? Tea.
Sausages or bacon? Used to be Bacon but very recently I have switched.
Personal chef or personal fitness trainer? Love fitness but personal chef.          
Going out or staying in? Out, out, out!       
Movies or books? MOVIES, never read a book in my life.
Saver or spender? Level ground.
Sky dive or bungee jump? Bungie.
Football or Golf? Heart says football, body says golf.


Being in the position Lee is in, I'm sure a lot of you have had communication of some sort with him, so I hope you have enjoyed reading a little more about our Laboratory and N.D.T. General Manager.

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As you can see, it is a great selection of prizes, so get those orders placed and good luck!

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